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Neighbourhood Coffee

Espresso/Stovetop Coffee

from $13.00 - $27.50

Neighbourhood Coffee handcraft in small batches, blending ethically sourced, 100% organic Arabica beans. Locally Roasted in the heart of Martinborough. 

Bullrush is a combination of 3 organic coffees which together form a rich smooth espresso blend boasting a medium well balanced body with floral notes and honey overtones. 

Hopscotch is a combination of 3 organic coffees which together form a light to medium roast, well balanced, full bodied and complex, with notes of vibrant red apple, caramel, milk chocolate and cherry. 

Boutique blend is a Pinot Barrell Aged Coffee. The blend of green beans are aged for 12 weeks in Local Martinborough Pinot Noir dry barrels before roasting. This partnership aims to infuse the chocolatey coffee flavours with subtle hints of poignant fruit notes, creating a coffee packed with flavour. 

Scouts Honour Decaf is a Honduras Swiss Water Processed medium bodies coffee. Light caramel, malty aroma with a sweet chocolate character, soft lemon acidity and of course no caffeine.