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Blue Earth Olive Oil

Blue Earth Olive Oil


What makes Blue Earth Olive Oil special?

The land – elevated, free draining, stony soils with low cropping and little chance of frost deliver full and rewarding flavours.

The climate – our warm summers, cool nights and long autumns result in a slow ripening of the fruit enhances the complexity and intensity of the oil.

The varieties – we have deliberately planted a mix of barnea (Israeli), manzanillo (Spanish), frantoio (Italian) and Koroneki (Greek) trees to ensure that Blue Earth Olive oil is rich, textured and vibrant.

The care – we tend our grove using sustainability principles and close attention to the health of our trees and our soils – fruit is pressed within 30 hours and stored in our wine cellar guaranteeing freshness.

The result is extra virgin olive oil that far exceeds the taste, chemical analysis and storage standards set by International Olive Oil Council and Olives New Zealand. It is no wonder that Blue Earth Olive Oil has developed a strong and loyal following.

The grove is on an old river terrace on the Ruakokapatuna River at the bottom of Te Muna Valley. We started planning the grove in 1998 and now have over 1100 trees. The property is shared with a vineyard which produces sought after, premium pinot noir and pinot gris under The Elder Pinot label.