Murphys Orchard

Andrew and Heather at Murphys Orchard pick and sell their tree ripened fruit daily so you can enjoy sweet, juicy fruit that is genuinely fresh!

Peacharines are at their peak and weather permitting we hope to have them for next 2 weeks.

We are still picking Fortunes and Red Doris Plums but on last day or so for Black Doris Plums
Omega Plums and French greengage Plums are approximately a week away.

If you are travelling and looking to purchase any particular fruit it would be a good idea to ring us first.

13 different varieties of plums, apricots, nectarines, peaches, greengages and peacharines are all grown and sold at the orchard.  The fertile soils of Greytown are conducive to growing large flavoursome fruit and fruit connoisseurs come from far and wide for the pleasure of buying this outstanding fruit as directly as possible.

No cool stores, no middle link in the chain, just great, nutrient packed fruit purchased directly from the growers.