At Pure Wairarapa we truly believe the Wairarapa should be synonymous with exceptional quality food and products – ethical, natural and sustainable – and there is great opportunity in coming years to really grow the real hand-crafted food and sustainable products sector.

We are blessed with fertile soils, long hot summers and most importantly with passionate and talented producers.  Pure Wairarapa quite simply provides a link to the theses hand-crafted, natural and sustainable products and the producers who created them.

There is increasing interest about understanding what we eat and the products we use in our daily lives.  As consumers we want to have more connection with where they come from, how they are made and help in supporting sustainability within our communities.  

Pure Wairarapa provides a gateway to the abundance on offer here in the Wairarapa and a guide from which you can explore and experience the delightful food and beautiful natural products at your leisure.  We want to help cultivate collegiality between food growers, producers, artisans and retailers. Collaboration is an important part of what we stand for. Together, with our producers and members, we believe we offer a wonderful proposition to the local community and visitors alike.

Here at Pure Wairarapa we love to create our beautiful gift boxes to share with you the abundance of local scrumptious food and gorgeous products available here in the Wairarapa.  We are always delighted to donate some boxes to fundraising events for the benefit of our communities.