At Pure Wairarapa we truly believe the Wairarapa can be synonymous with exceptional quality food – ethical, natural and fresh – and there is great opportunity in coming years to really propel the food sector forward.

There is increasing interest and concern about food in our communities, with a plethora of confusing messages around what we should and should not eat, and concern about where food comes from and the circumstances of its production. Pure Wairarapa cuts through that and stands quite simply for premium, honest, Wairarapa-produced food for enjoyment.

Pure Wairarapa demonstrates collegiality between food growers, producers and retailers. Collaboration is an important part of what we stand for. Together, with our members, we have a wonderful proposition to locals and visitors alike.

Pure Wairarapa also sells beautiful gift boxes containing a range of some of our wonderful local products. We are delighted to donate some boxes to fundraising events for the benefit of our own communities.

In 2015 we also launched the inaugural –‘The Wairarapa Book’. This discount voucher book has been a great success, with many Pure Wairarapa members participating, as well as complementary services such as accommodation and leisure. A large range of schools, charities and community services and groups benefited from $10 per sale which further entrenched our belief in giving back to our community.